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Data Services
Data feeds:

Comprehensive patent data in XML format to allow you to do your own analysis. All our data feeds include data normalization, which allows you to understand and use patent data from multiple patent-issuing authorities in a unified manner regardless of original format. We can provide data based on any specification, from giving you the ability to download individual documents based on the results of a given query, to providing data covering a range of dates, or entire collections.
Patent Analytics:

Understand patent data and related statistics in revolutionary ways. For example, did you know that there is a correlation between the average value of a patent and the number of claims? Or that the number of times a patent has been cited may help assess the value of a patent? Our sophisticated analysis tools can help you understand your own IP portfolio, or help with due diligence for IP acquisitions.
Patent Data Mining and Custom Research Tools:

Do you have specific needs not addressed by conventional solutions? We will create a solution to meet your needs, based on your exact requirements.
Latent Semantic Analysis:

If you regularly search patents, you know that it is impossible to be sure you have found 100% of the relevant art. The problem with typical patent search engines is that they are "dumb". To find what you are looking for requires searching on the exact words found in the document. Say you have searched for "aluminum widget" and a highly relevant document said "widget made of aluminum" (or even worse, "metal widget"), you won't find it using conventional search tools. Latent semantic analysis uses sophisticated statistical analysis of language to search on concepts, not just words, to help you find those documents - even if they don't contain any of the words you used in your search!

FreePatentsOnline has been working in the IP data space for over 3 years and we have developed a number of sophisticated tools to manage, search, and add value to patent data. We are constantly adding new capabilities, data, and exciting ways to add even more value to our offerings. We also recognize that everyone's needs and interests with respect to patent data is unique and we are driven to provide the right solutions, custom-tailored to the client. Let us help you take greater advantage of the potential of IP.